Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Enjoy your Evening Pups...

My attempt at pup poetry....

The night has come, the day is still.
These videos are hilarious and I can't stop watching them at will.
I have laughed till I cried, my eyes now burn.
I thought I would share them with you, give you a turn.

Put up your feet and put down your day,
call your dog and tell them to stay.
You are in for an evening of fun and laughter.
We hope you come back even after.

So, kiss your pups from us at O'hairs.
Let go of your worries and all of your cares.
Fun is in store, the day is melting away,
No need to worry we can brighten your day.

What's next? Who knows, we just try not to get sappy
Snuggle in with us, let us make you HAPPY.






Who is going to shine next?!

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Your pup could be next! Want a feature on the Happy Dog Spotlight?! Send us pictures of your pets and any info you want to share about them!!

Ideas to share with us:

*What are your pups likes and dislikes
Image result for dog in spotlight free clip art*Special Story
*Favorite Toy
*Favorite Treats
*Favorite place to go
*Favorite Bed
*Favorite People
*Worst Habits
*Best Habits
*Anything you want us to know about your pup!

*Send us an email with pictures to dana_stu25@yahoo.com

Kelly Knicley
Blog Contributor
Excited for Spotlights!

BILL'S CORNER!!! This moving thing...


Hi, pups and pups parents! Man, have I been busy? Rosie and I have been tuckered out lately because we are RETIRED. Did you know when you retire, sometimes that means you move a lot? Rosie and I have been getting lots of bye bye rides and getting to see the Daycare House. It keeps losing stuff. Every time I go back, it gets more empty. I don't mind it so much, it has so much space now and I run and run and just am so HAPPY! 
Don't worry daycare pups, all you pups will do great and will be HAPPY at the new daycare. I will even come back to visit and bring Miss Debbie! I know Oo'Mom misses you all and is already excited to see you all again and tell you all her stories about our retirement. 
Rosie is doing great! I just love my "Rosie Bell." I don't think she notices the stuff missing at the Daycare House like I do. She is just a pup. She just wants to play and not help with work yet. 
I keep overhearing human talk about radios a lot lately. My Oo'Mom just had some pictures taken and said we are going to be the "Pet Lady." Somewhere in Florida? I will let you know when I understand more. 
I hope all my pup friends and pup parents are all HAPPY! 
I will write later pups. 

Bill O'Riley
Blog Contributor

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Monday, September 11, 2017

TIP CORNER!!! What happened to all the water in the dog's bowl??

Image result for dog with water bowl free clip artSwimmers come in all sizes, shapes, and breeds; they are pups that love their water bowls sooooo much they splash, flip and carry them. I know, it's cute but after a while, the cuteness does tend to wear thin. I recommend a flanged bowl. I prefer the very affordable ProSelect Heavy Duty Mirrored Bowl. They are near impossible to flip, very hard to pick up and evidently not as fun to "swim" in as a regular bowl is. Check 'em out and stay dry.
Debbie πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎ

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Image result for dog with water bowl free clip art

Thursday, September 7, 2017

TIP CORNER!! Perfect tool to walk your dog....

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I gave some direction on the proper way to walk your pup. I did not discuss the gear you can use.
I will never ever forget the day Maggie walked into my grooming shop with this thang on her sweet muzzle. I looked at the pup-parent and questioned her with the authority of the FBI. "Madam, just what is that strap you have wrapped around your dogs nose?",  I questioned. And WHY would you do this to her?
That was in 1999 or so, fast forward to  today......oh my goodness, the options you have to walk your pup(especially if they are not well behaved) is daunting to say the least.
Let me say this,anything I recommend to walk your pup (other than a regular leash and collar) is in my opinion to be used as a training tool only and not on going. 
There are many tools that many humans think are cruel, unnecessary and plain evil. I will address some of those later. Right now I want to discuss the..
...Gentle Leader. It works just like its name suggests, in a gentle manner. The idea is much like that of a bit in the mouth of a horse. Anywhere the horse is lead,the butt will follow. I believe there  is a part of the gentle leader that is psychological for the pup. That  Pup knows much of its control is in its mouth, whether it is barking , biting, pulling or all of the above.
  If he/she looses some of that with a leader on then you automatically havean upper hand and therefore some (kind)control.
The Gentle Leader comes in sizes from small to very large. It works on all dogs; a little more effort and fitting must me done with pups that have little muzzles and stop areas.  Some pop-eyed pups should not wear a gentle leader due to possible eye damage. If in-doubt always check with your personal veterinarian before using.
Keep in mind you are teaching your pup how to walk properly so you and your pup can enjoy the adventure. I would not recommend using a retractable leash with the leader. You want your pup at your side not out in front of you.
Please watch the video that comes with the Gentle Leader, it will help! If I get many request I would be happy to do a live presentation on Facebook on the proper way to put on and train using a gentle leader.
Debbie πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎ

Shedding?? Try this...

Dog Behavior vs.How We Roll at Happy Dog

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 It is innate nature, survival of the fittest. The harsh truth about that statement is; if a pack animal(dog) has a seizure the others will kill it. No, not cruel just nature. I always say,"sometimes they just act like dogs." 
During my many years of taking care of many many pups, I watched more seizures than I care to remember. Tiny little Kramer had them
and a few great big kids too. The one time that stands out in my mind and was so not normal it involved Ginger, Carl, and Mercury. Two Golden Retrievers and a Husky. 
Mercury, the Husky was the youngest and had never had a seizure that we or his pup-parents were aware of. I honestly think many seizures happen when mom and dad are at work and they never know it happened. 
I know my dogs and I know their sounds. Much like they know my voice. I was on my way out to the gym, all the big kids were in the back yard playing. All at once I heard a sound that was obviously a dog but certainly, not normal. It wasn't a ruckus it was an alarm, a cry for help! I went running. By the time I made it through the building and out to them what I saw shocked even me. Mercury was on the ground up against the fence heading into a slow uncontrolled Trimble. Carl, the biggest Golden was standing over him. A fierce look on his face as he eyed all the pack standing around watching. Carl took his eye off them long enough to acknowledge me; as if to say..... Thank God, what took you so long? Ginger, my genius Golden was standing at their side letting out the most guttural sound of alarm I have ever heard. Stopping only when I got there. Almost instinctively they both stepped aside and let me tend to Mercury. By this time he was aware of his surroundings but not anxious to get up. I knew immediately what had happened, Mercury had seizures. It took awhile for it to sink in that these two went totally against nature and not only protected their friend, they got help! The really cool part is they were all about the same age and all started daycare together as puppies. 
Today, Sweet Smart Ginger has gone to the rainbow bridge, Mercury takes his meds every morning and I am sad to say I have lost touch with Carl. 
Thanks for reading and as always, my heart wrapped in their paws with one above. πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎ Miss Debbie